Who can enter?
Anyone age 18 and above, can enter the competition.


Is the competition free to enter?
Yes, we are not charging any fees for participation.


Can I submit more than one blog posting?
No, you may not submit more than one posting. However, you are encouraged to facilitate an online discussion for your article. If after you have submission you want to modify or withdraw your entry. please contact blog@iufro.org.


How do I submit the blog posting?
Send your article to blog@iufro.org with the subject “IUFRO2014 Blog Competition”.


Which languages are accepted?
We accept entries in English, French, and Spanish.


How will my article be judged?
Your submission will be ranked based on the total number of comments, page views, and votes. This is why it is important to write an article that facilitates good discussion and to promote your blog posting far and wide.


Will I get paid if my piece appears in the paper or online?
No, by submitting your blog posting to the competition you acknowledge the competition’s Terms and Conditions.


Can I use an existing piece?
Your piece must not have been published before, and should be created specifically for this competition.


Can I send submissions after the 30th of September?
No, Submissions received after the 30th of September will not be considered.


Will I lose any rights to my work by entering the competition?
Once an entry is submitted to the competition, IUFRO will have the full rights to use your entry in connection with the competition, including the right to copy, edit, display, publish and make available your entry in any format. If you have any further questions regarding the rules of the competition, please email us at blog@iufro.org ensuring you write “IUFRO2014 Blog Competition” in the subject.