Incubating Future Scientists

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the very first time in the history of IUFRO, this World Congress featured sessions fully dedicated to students’ presentations of their own research. These three “incubator sessions” gave 60 students from all around the world the opportunity to showcase their research using a very particular and innovative format.

IUFRO asked the students to submit a single slide presenting the results of their research, whether undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral. No specific requirement was given as to content or layout of these slides, leaving room for everyone to fully express their creativity and imagination.

For the incubator sessions, students were asked to explain their research in no more than three minutes with the help of the one slide. This meant there was a fast turnover in presentations and left time for questions and answers at regular intervals, creating a lively interaction with the audience.

The sessions were well attended by both students and professionals. There was also time for students to interact among themselves and with their more experienced colleagues, interactions that helps usher the new generation into the professional science community.

The range of topics was as varied as the countries presenters came from. The audience heard results of exciting research ranging from studies on the monarch butterfly and Lowe’s mona monkey, to biomass harvesting and carbon sequestration, to community forestry and forest policy. Students came from places as diverse as Brazil, China, Sweden, Cameroon, and Australia to present their research.

Jens Peter Skovsgaard, Deputy Coordinator of IUFRO Division 1, coordinated the incubator session and members of the International Forestry Students’ Association moderated.

Written by: Hugo Pierre

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