Forests under pressure ̶ Local responses to global issues

New IUFRO-WFSE publication: Forests under pressure ̶Local responses to global issues

We are pleased to announce that the newest book of the IUFRO Special Project World Forests, Society and Environment (IUFRO WFSE) Forests under pressure – Local responses to global issues and the related Issue Brief will be launched at the WFSE Technical Session in the IUFRO World Congress in October 2014 in Salt Lake City, USA.

The book is the result of a collaborative work of over 144 scientist and experts who acted as authors in different capacities and over 60 reviewers.

Building on 27 case studies from different parts of the world the book focuses on conditions that foster or hinder progress towards sustainable forest management (SFM) and forest-related development. The case studies use a common analytical framework of prerequisite conditions to examine the implementation of SFM. The analysis allows distinguishing prerequisite conditions and combinations of conditions that foster or constrain progress towards SFM and sustainable local development, and the interactions among these conditions.

The book includes four parts:

  • I Introduction
  • II Case Studies
  • III Prerequisite conditions for SFM: Findings from the case study analyses
  • IV Possible future pathways

The Issue Brief Synergistic policies and measures are the key to advancing sustainable forest management and forest-based developmentpresents the main findings of the book and recommendations for the way forward in a concise format.

The book and the related Issue Brief are available at the IUFRO WFSE web-page:

WFSE Technical Session in the IUFRO World Congress

WFSE organized the Technical Session Forest under pressure: Prerequisite conditions for forest-related sustainable development. The session will introduce the new WFSE book and Issue Brief. It includes seven presentations: an introduction to the book, four case study presentations and two presentations that focus on the main findings of the book.

You are cordially invited to this session to discuss the prerequisite conditions for SFM and forest-based local development.

Time: Friday 10 October 8:00-10:30
Room: 250B


  •      Introduction to the WFSE-project and the new book Forests under Pressure – Local Responses to Global Issues- Pia Katila
  •      Community-based forest management in Quintana Roo, Mexico – Jose Antonio Sierra Huelsz
  •      Forest Citizenship in Acre, Brazil – Marianne Schmink
  •      Khasi responses to forest pressures: A community REDD+ project from Northeast India – Mark Poffenberger
  •      Community rights and participation in the face of new global interests in forests and lands – the case of Mozambique – Almeida Sitoe
  •      Prerequisite conditions for sustainable forest management: Synthesis of the case studies – Glenn Galloway
  •      Forests under pressure: Possible future pathways – Wil de Jong
  •      Discussion

Moderator: Glenn Galloway

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